S.U.P. Yoga Class – Knoll Beach Studland




All the benefits of Yoga with the fun and freedom of being on a Stand up Paddle Board (SUP) – (what’s not to love !!)


Sunday Mornings at 9am throughout the summer (weather dependant)

Board and wetsuit provided ✔️

Breakfast included ✔️

Open to all levels ✔️

Please email threetreeyoga@gmail.com or call Anna on 07999369016 to confirm the date of the class you’d like to attend



#supyoga is the dance between strength and surrender 💙 you can’t control the conditions of the sea #water #weather #tides so you accept with a smile and bring it on 😁 leave your ego on the shore, drop your anchor deep through the water to the earth, fire up the core (engaging in a way we sometimes forget to on land 🔥) light as air, present like ether #breathe – 🏄🏻‍♀️ connecting all the elements, aligning the spine #beherenow #be for those that are drawn to the water like me 🧜‍♀️ there is no better way to embody the yoga practice ✨

SUP YOGA is for you if:

You love being on the water and you want to get more confident and playful

You want to try something new

You want to challenge and improve your balance and coordination

You love the salty sea breeze, pristine beaches and beautiful iconic views of Old Harry

You want to feel calm, connected and energised

If you love the water but you’re felling apprehensive I do understand that for many the idea of doing yoga on a paddle board is way out of the comfort zone…

The class is very safe which is why, if you do love the water and basking in the salty sea breeze,  I definitely recommend pushing yourself for this awesome and unforgettable challenge….

🐠 We are anchored to a line during the class so there’s no chance you’ll drift away

🦐 the line is anchored within our depth so you could even jump off and literally walk into shore….

(no experience is required, in fact it’s a an excellent way to learn the fundamentals of standing and balancing on the board)

🐬 All levels welcome, classes are tailored specifically to those who attend so you will be suitably challenged but also kept very safe.

So if you do want to bask in the yummy salty sea breeze, enjoy the openness of the ocean and the spectacular vistas of legendary Old Harry don’t miss your opportunity to try something new: build strength, improve balance and get playful on your board….. and then have a yummy healthy breakfast on the beach 🏖




We know yoga is all about embodied connection, right?

Bringing together awareness with breath and movement 🤍

(But our clever busy thinking minds often want to get in the way)

Have you ever got really quiet? So focused and calm that all else fades away and you dissolve into bliss and pure awakened clarity?

It’s so powerful doing yoga surrounded by the elements, earth, water, air ….and of course we’ve got to bring the fire ✨

Turn up the heat in your practice by really engaging (if you haven’t tried SUP yoga it’s an unmissable experience and I’m passionate about sharing the joy of the water 💙


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S.U.P. Yoga Class – Knoll Beach Studland