Sound Healing with Reiki




Chakra Balancing Tibetan Singing bowls Anna specially selected and brought back from the Himalayas will surround you with healing vibration, the resonance will rejuvenate your cells while you are held and bathed in a white light of healing reiki energy

Feel restored and balanced by this cosmic and wonderful treatment.

Sessions available on the beach in the early morning (before the crowds arrive) with the sound of the waves gently lapping in the background. Pure bliss!


“In beautiful surroundings I was treated to a magical sound healing from Anna. From the moment it began, I felt transported somewhere heavenly. My body, mind and soul followed the sounds and I felt electrified, but at the same time blissful and protected. Anna’s intuition is amazing, and she guided the sounds delicately to where they were most needed; my solar plexus and heart chakra. I was suspended in a symphony of sounds as she played the Tibetan bowls, Gong, Sansula, and chimes. I didn’t want it to end. Afterwards, I felt like I’d been released of all the tension I’d been carrying around for so long. I was light, serene, full of gratitude to have shared that experience with such a wonderful healer. I look forward to many more sessions in the future. Thanks, Anna!”


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Sound Healing with Reiki